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Welcome to my site! I'm an astrologer who likes writing things. If you like reading things, I hope you'll stick around.

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I love writing about astrology, whether it’s about the current celestial weather or helping you better understand your own chart. Step inside to explore the techniques, how-tos, and transits, or keep scrolling for special columns and series.

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A Newbie’s Guide to Astrology Conferences | The Astrology Podcast

Check out the latest episode of The Astrology Podcast, wherein I chat with Chris and Ryhan about conferences!

Intro to Profections

Annual Profections is a Hellenistic time lord technique ─ and yes, time lord techniques are as cool as they sound.

Why No One Understands What It’s Like to Be Your Sign of the Zodiac

There’s no one quite like you, but 1/12th of the population shares your Zodiac sign. Still, no one REALLY UNDERSTANDS what it’s like to be your sign. Not like your sign does.

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Columns and Series

Amid my normal posts, you’ll find special columns and series.

The Lot of Onions

Measure the distance from Mercury to the Lot of Satire and project it from the Ascendant.

The Profectionist

A simple technique for complicated lives.

Astrology Consultations

The stars speak to us all. I’ll be your translator.

Full Natal Consultation

A deep dive into your personality, character, and life themes.

Natal + Year Ahead Consultation

A Full Natal consultation, plus an exploration of your life’s themes for the year ahead.

Sun, Moon, and Rising Consultation

This scratch of the surface offers a brief but potent look at the core of who you are.

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Graphic Design

Need graphics for an upcoming lecture or class? Want to streamline a written client report? I can help.


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